Just a guy talking about my hobbies and interests. I’m active on a range of forums and having a place to “put my stuff” makes life easier there. It also allows those folks to learn a little more about me and maybe hate me less love me more.

Hi Porkchopper! I’m millennial and this is already TLDR. In a nutshell, who ARE you?!

The purpose of this blog is to give me some anonymity. I own several businesses (all with strong web presences) and I try to keep my professional life firewalled from my personal life—to enjoy a little “freedom” online. I have several brands to protect. I’m snarky and have a dark, often politically incorrect sense of humor.  My world won’t collapse if I’m “outed”. It’s not like I’m a celebrity or anything. It’s just less complicated when I keep the two worlds separated this way.

I’m first and foremost a creative person / artist and have a passion for things that do not jive with what you see on this site. Amateur radio, guns, military history… These are all 180 degrees out from what I do for a living. But, if I give too much away, it will make it easy for you to correlate Porkchopper with my actual identity.

You’re an amateur radio operator. What’s your callsign?

I am. I hold a General license. I’ll eventually sit for my Extra—once life settles down a little. Obviously, if I gave you my call, you could look me up in the FCC database. Just trust the fact that I am a General ticket holder and have a 1X3 callsign. I’m active on HF and D-Star (via our 2m repeater located about 25 miles north of my QSL).

What’s up with Porkchopper? Where does that come from? What does it mean?

I have an African Grey parrot named Porkchop. I also had a Blue and Gold macaw named Scooter. Pork, my Grey, often mixes words and names together to create new words. Porkchop + Scooter = Porkchopper.

Where are you?

I’m a Yankee living on the Gulf Coast of Florida. I wasn’t born here, but I got here as soon as I could.

Were you in the military?

Yes. I was in Naval Intelligence during the tail end of the Cold War and Gulf War. I served in a Carrier Strike Group. I later joined the Army Reserve and was a Cavalry Scout in an Armored Cav Regiment. I come from a very military family. I’m the direct descendant of a Sergeant in the Lexington Alarm who fought at Lexington & Concord, as well as several Union soldiers who fought during the American Civil War. Both of my grandfathers served in the Great War; One as a radio operator in the U.S. Navy and the other as a rifleman in the U.S. Marine Corps. The Marine fought at Chateau Thierry, Belleau Wood, and in the Meuse-Argonne Sector. He was wounded in a German mustard gas attack, but survived to live on into the 1960’s. I’m a member of the SAR, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.