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Okaloosa County Florida: Sheriff’s Department 10 Codes

10-1 Receiving Poorly
10-2 Receiving Well
10-3 Stop Transmitting
10-4 OK
10-5 Relay to__________
10-6 Busy
10-7 Out of Service
10-8 In Service
10-9 Repeat

10-10 Temporarily Out of Service
10-11 Talking Too Rapidly
10-12 Visitor Present
10-13 WX/Road Conditions
10-14 Convoy or Escort
10-15 Prisoner in Custody
10-16 Pick up/Transport Prisoner
10-17 Investigation
10-18 Respond w/Lights & Siren
10-18X Do Not Use Lights & Siren
10-19 Return To Station

10-20 Location
10-21 Call Station By Telephone
10-22 Disregard
10-23 Stand-by
10-24 Trouble, Send Help!
10-25 Make Contact
10-26 Message Received
10-27 Drivers License/Identification
10-28 Vehicle Registration
10-29 Check for Wants/Warrants

10-30 Against Regulations
10-31 In Pursuit
10-32 Intoxilizer Operator
10-33 Emergency Traffic
10-34 Trouble At Jail
10-35 Confidential
10-36 Current Time
10-37 Dispatcher or Operator
10-38 Set Up Roadblock
10-39 Message Delivered

10-41 In Possession of_________
10-42 Home
10-43 Traffic for__________
10-44 Pick up Paperwork
10-45 Call by Telephone
10-46 Urgent
10-47 Radio Repair Needed
10-48 End of Message
10-49 Serving Warrant

10-50 Traffic Stop
10-51 En Route
10-52 Estimated Time of Arrival
10-53 Coming To Office
10-54 Negative
10-55 Car Calling To Car
10-56 Meet Me At_________
10-65 Can You Copy?
10-66 Cancel
10-67 Serving
10-68 Need Legal Advice

10-70 Send Tow Truck
10-71 Send Ambulance

10-86 Begin Shift
10-87 End Shift
10-88 Telephone Number

10-91 Pick Up Subject
10-95 Subject or Suspect Present
10-97 Arrived At Scene
10-98 Completed Task
10-99 Not Receiving Signal

ETOH – Denotes the chemical compound ethyl alcohol. Used to communicate that a subject is suspected of being intoxicated by alcohol. Frequently used during DUI traffic stops.

Polish CZAK P-64

The Polish CZAK P-64 Pistol – A Good Buy?

Since getting into C&R firearms, I’ve been waiting for a big import that I felt I was actually “getting in on”. This, versus feeling like I was just picking through the tailings. The the Polish CZAK P-64 appeared on the scene.

Along Comes the Polish CZAK P-64

The P-64’s are still looking nice and I didn’t want to dick around and lose out on getting a nice one. So… I started surfing the usual C&R dealers and I ended up choosing one listed in very good condition from a popular dealer on GunBroker (that I’ve purchased from in the past) and got in at $239.00.

The pistol arrived two days later and I couldn’t be happier. It appears to have been issued but shows only the most minor holster wear. After disassembly and close inspection, I can’t believe it ever had more than the arsenal quality control rounds put through it. Super happy. Only disappointment is that it didn’t come with a spare magazine. I did get a beat up flap holster and cleaning rod (multi-tool?) with it.

A Seriously heavy trigger

After the typical research that anyone does prior to purchasing this pistol, I was fully prepared to not even be able to pull the trigger on DA. I was pleasantly surprised to find that, yes, you can actually pull the trigger. It’s not bad.

It is bad though. The gun “just went off” said no one with a P-64, ever. Follow up in SA is very nice. I’ll order the Wolff replacement spring as soon as I figure out which one I want.

I ordered 500 rounds (or was it 1,000?) of 9mm Makarov for my new P-64. Not that I intend to shoot it a lot, but with the idea that I’ll pick up a Russian Makarov at some point in the future. I probably won’t take it back to the range until I do something about the springs so, for now, it’s a hangar queen.

Final verdict: Brand new pistol for cheap. Really nice. Really happy.

Douglas MacArthur Lands Leyte1

The Resurrection of My Blog

This blog has existed in some form or another for many years. Mostly, in the form of false starts. Hobby-wise, I have severe ADD. I’m first and foremost a photographer, and that gets the majority of my attention. I play the guitar, I draw, I shoot guns, I have pets. The list goes on. But, I have been building models buying models for a long time.

For the last five years, I’ve had a job that sucked. I embraced the suck because that’s what grown-ups do. It left, however, no energy for building. My situation has changed (for the better), and with that change, has come a renewed interest in building. I’m working on locating and reposting old articles, and adding new content as it arrives.

I write this because, if you feel like you’ve been here before, you probably have. I’m pledging to once and for all, finally keep up with this thing. Updates may not come often, and I don’t plan on documenting step-by-step builds, but I will be journaling how and when I can, and I will be shooting photos of completed builds and writing my thoughts on them.

Thanks for your patience!

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