Since getting into C&R firearms, I’ve been waiting for a big import that I felt I was actually “getting in on”. This, versus feeling like I was just picking through the tailings. The the Polish CZAK P-64 appeared on the scene.

Along Comes the Polish CZAK P-64

The P-64’s are still looking nice and I didn’t want to dick around and lose out on getting a nice one. So… I started surfing the usual C&R dealers and I ended up choosing one listed in very good condition from a popular dealer on GunBroker (that I’ve purchased from in the past) and got in at $239.00.

The pistol arrived two days later and I couldn’t be happier. It appears to have been issued but shows only the most minor holster wear. After disassembly and close inspection, I can’t believe it ever had more than the arsenal quality control rounds put through it. Super happy. Only disappointment is that it didn’t come with a spare magazine. I did get a beat up flap holster and cleaning rod (multi-tool?) with it.

A Seriously heavy trigger

After the typical┬áresearch that anyone does prior to purchasing this pistol, I was fully prepared to not even be able to pull the trigger on DA. I was pleasantly surprised to find that, yes, you can actually pull the trigger. It’s not bad.

It is bad though. The gun “just went off” said no one with a P-64, ever. Follow up in SA is very nice. I’ll order the Wolff replacement spring as soon as I figure out which one I want.

I ordered 500 rounds (or was it 1,000?) of 9mm Makarov for my new P-64. Not that I intend to shoot it a lot, but with the idea that I’ll pick up a Russian Makarov at some point in the future. I probably won’t take it back to the range until I do something about the springs so, for now, it’s a hangar queen.

Final verdict: Brand new pistol for cheap. Really nice. Really happy.