This blog has existed in some form or another for many years. Mostly, in the form of false starts. Hobby-wise, I have severe ADD. I’m first and foremost a photographer, and that gets the majority of my attention. I play the guitar, I draw, I shoot guns, I have pets. The list goes on. But, I have been building models buying models for a long time.

For the last five years, I’ve had a job that sucked. I embraced the suck because that’s what grown-ups do. It left, however, no energy for building. My situation has changed (for the better), and with that change, has come a renewed interest in building. I’m working on locating and reposting old articles, and adding new content as it arrives.

I write this because, if you feel like you’ve been here before, you probably have. I’m pledging to once and for all, finally keep up with this thing. Updates may not come often, and I don’t plan on documenting step-by-step builds, but I will be journaling how and when I can, and I will be shooting photos of completed builds and writing my thoughts on them.

Thanks for your patience!